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Hossein Behzad

Hossein Behzad (1894 – 1968 October 13) was an Iranian painter born in Tehran. For many years, he was a technician employee at the Administration of Archeology and a professor of miniatures at the Tehran Academy of Fine Arts. The street he lived on in Tehran was named after him (Hossein Behzad), but after the […]
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Farah Osooli

Farah Osooli (born in 1953) is a contemporary Iranian painter. Her painting style is a combination of modern painting and Iranian miniature. The theme of her work is taken from women’s social issues, Persian poetry, literature, and the art history of Iran and the world. Some artworks by Farah Osooli are kept in the collections […]
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Bijan Elahi

Bijan Elahi (born on July 7, 1945 – died on November 30, 2010, in Tehran) was an Iranian poet, translator, researcher, and painter. He is one of the poets of the movement known as the Other Poetry. He was born in July 1945 in the Hassan Abad Junction neighborhood in Tehran. He was the only […]
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Parivash Ganj

Parivash Ganji was born on July 1st, 1945, in an immigrant family in Tabriz. When she was three years old her family moved to Tehran. Her father was an instructor of textile design and printing. She learned the basic principles of painting at “Behzad” Fine Arts Academy for Girls under the supervision of the great […]
Mohammad (Navid) Zafar Alizadeh Moghaddam (painter Artist) was born in 1984, Mashhad, Iran. He Graduated  in painting from Azad University. Solo Exhibitions:Farzad Art Gallery , Mashhad, Iran, 2016 Group Exhibitions:Azadhan Art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2018Soo Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2017Farzad Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2017Azarnoor Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2017Aban Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2016Artin Art Gallery, Mashhad, […]
12 months ago

Hamid Halimi

Hamid Halimi is a painter who was born on July 18th 1983 in Mashhad.  He graduated from the University of Sistan and Baluchistan with a bachelor’s degree and from Tehran University of Art with a master’s degree in painting. Hamid Halimi is a member of the Association of Iranian Painters and a member of the […]
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Rozhano Mohammadzad

Rojano Mohammadzadeh was born in 1993 in Tehran. She has studied architecture at Tehran University of Art. This experimental painter created her first collages after several years of experience in the field of construction and architecture and being exposed to brutal construction materials then She professionally entered the field of visual arts. Her paintings have […]
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Ali Siran

Ali Siran is a painter born in 1338 in Mashhad. He has organized, presented and participated in more than ten solo exhibitions in the country and abroad.
12 months ago

Samira Toosi

Samira Toosi is a painter who was born in Mashhad in 1978. She holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the Faculty of Agriculture of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and graduated in 2001. She has completed her curating course under the supervision of Professor Benjamin Meyer Krahmer in 2017-2018 and her painting course under the […]
12 months ago

Maryam Goodarzi

Maryam Guderzi, a painter, was born in 1984 in Mashhad. He has a bachelor’s degree in painting. Godarzi teaches design courses and has participated in several individual and group exhibitions since 2004.
11 months ago

Azadeh Nezamdoost

Azadeh Nezam Doost is an artist and painter who was born in Mashhad in 1983. She has a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from the Tehran University of Art and a master’s degree in art research from Al-Zahra University. Associate degree in Painting, Dr. Shariati Technical College for Girls – Tehran 2004 Teaching experience in universities […]
12 months ago

Amirmehdi Vosoogh

Amir Mahdi Vosoogh was born in 1981 in Mashhad. He is a graduate of Ferdows University of Art and a master student in painting at Neyshabur University of Art. He has more than 20 years of experience and activity in the field of painting and sculpture. Relevant experience:
12 months ago

Haniyeh Javaheri

Haniyeh Javaheri, painter, was born in 1980 in Mashhad. She learned painting under supervision of Hadi Taghizadeh Riyabi. She holds a bachelor’s degree in painting and is also a master’s student in this field. Held 3 solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions
12 months ago

Elham Yoosefi

Elham Yousefi is a painter (abstract art) who was born on March 12th, 1981 in Mashhad. She holds a bachelor’s degree in painting. Solo and collective exhibitions: Solo: Mir Ali Tabrizi Gallery, 2008 Rezvan Gallery, Mashhad, 2008 Collective: Yasmin Gallery, Tabriz (five minus one group) 2008 Rezvan Gallery, Mashhad (Dey Group), 2010 Sky Gallery (Dey […]
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Fariba Momeni

Fariba Momeni, She is a painter who was born in Mashhad, in September 1962. Solo and collective exhibitions: Hasht Behesht collective exhibition, 2010-2011 Collective exhibition, Mirk Gallery, 2010 Collective exhibition, Artin gallery, 2012 Solo exhibition, Aban Gallery, 2010 Collective exhibition, Radin Gallery, 2022
12 months ago

Zahra Mohammadi

Zahra Mohammadi is a painter and designer born in 1986 in Mashhad. exhibitions : Painting exhibition in Gorgan in 2018 and 2018 Nocturnal painting exhibition in November 2019, Soroush Gallery My painting exhibition in sep 2014 at Aban Gallery Painting group exhibition in oct 2019 at Ravand Gallery
12 months ago

Soheila Imani

Soheila Imani Tehrani, a painter, was born in 1341 in Mashhad. sHe studied painting at Saddleback College and Pham Art School and has participated in several domestic group exhibitions and one foreign solo exhibition.
12 months ago

Ameneh Mehraban

Amene Mehraban is a painter who was born on August 21, 1980, in Mashhad. Solo and collective exhibition: An honors degree issued by the Visual Arts Development Center, specialized art classes in the summer of 2003 collective Exhibition, Tehran Fall 2003 collective Exhibition, Bahman cultural center, Tehran, winter 2003 collective Exhibition for children A child’s […]
12 months ago

Hamidreza Farokhi

Hamidreza Farrokhi is a painter who was born in 1980 in Gorgan. He holds a master’s degree in painting. Farrokhi’s painting style is one of the most modern painting styles in the world called Fauvism. Solo and collective exhibitions: Milad Tower, Gorgan Radin Gallery, Mashhad Art Gallery, Sari Neda Gallery, Gorgan Noran Gallery, Ghaemshahr
12 months ago

Samira Khormayi

The painter was born in 1991 in Mashhad and is a master’s student in painting at Ferdous University of Mashhad. Art activities: Group exhibition at Artin Gallery yesterday, 2013 Participation in the Ferdowsi Square mural painting project of Spring Festival_ 2016-2017 The exhibition of selected works of the third period of the Rond 2021 design […]
12 months ago

Elham abdolhosseinpour

Elham Abdulhosseinpour, painter, was born on August 21st, 1970 in Mashhad. Solo and collective exhibitions: Appreciated in two series of Hasht Behesht visual arts exhibitions Participated in Aseman Gallery Expo 2013 and selected as one of the bests (sold several works of art and selected as the highest number and price on Aseman Expo) Collective […]
12 months ago

Mehrnaz Kafi

Painter, born in Mashhad in 1368, has a master's degree in painting.
1 year ago

Hamid Hadinejad

Hamidreza Hadinejad (painter Artist) was born in 1972 in Kermanshah, Iran.He graduated from the Tehran Art Fine Arts Academy and Azad University of Art. Solo Exhibitions:Saless Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018‘Black earth holes’, Saless Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2017‘Reality in another way’, Sohrab Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2016Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran, 2015Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, […]
Shirin Babazadeh Darban was born in 1975 in Mashhad, Iran. Babazadeh earned an undergraduate degree in graphics. Her focus is on graphic arts and painting. She started her professional career in 2007. She has participated in many group exhibitions and five solo ones. About the Painting StyleInspired by archetypes and myths, Babazadeh paints in a […]
Tahereh Vahedian Movahhed (Painter, Sculptor and Installation Artist) was born in 1959, Iran. She graduated with honors in Painting from Iran’s Association of Visual Arts, Mashhad, Iran. Solo Exhibitions:‘Blue Mirror’, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran, 2013Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2012Artin Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2011First Solo Exhibition of Mashhad’s Conceptual Art, Imamreza Arts and Culture Centre, Mashhad, Iran, 2004‘Green Pulse’, […]
Raziyeh Vejdani Moghadam (Painter) was born in 1985, Mashhad, Iran. Graduated with honors in Painting, Zahedan, Iran. Group Exhibitions:Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran, 2013Kerman Art Gallery, Iran, 2013Kamal-ol-Molk Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009
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Neda Azimi

Neda Azimi (painting Artist) was born in 1976, Mashhad, Iran. She graduated in painting from Ferdows University, Mashhad, Iran. Group Exhibitions:Participate in more than 20 painting exhibitions in Iran and all over the world.
1 year ago

Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd

Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd was born in 1980 in Mashhad, Iran. She went to study at Soore University located in Tehran, Iran, from which she gained a B.A. in 1981, in painting. She has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions and two solo ones. About the Painting StyleSadeghi’s works are figurative, expressive and often in […]
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Mohsen Kavousi

Mohsen Kavousi (painter Artist) was born in 1984, Mashhad, Iran. Solo Exhibitions:Sayeh Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2016Radin Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015 Group Exhibitions:Saba Cultural center, Tehran, Iran, 2018Rezvan Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2018Roshd Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2018Fine Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2016Idel Art Gallery, Turkey, 2016
• painter• Born on 1984 in Mashhad, Iran• Graduate in garaphic from Tehran University of Art and Architecture Solo exhibition:• Ivan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 2018• Ferdowsi Art gallery, Mashhad, Iran 2018• Farzad Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015• Aun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2014• Aban Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2014• Arte Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, […]
Mohammad Behzadianmehr (calligrapher & painter Artist) was born in 1971, Mashhad, Iran. He Graduated in Painting from Ferdows University, Mashhad, Iran. Group Exhibitions:Participate in more than 5 painting exhibitions in Iran.
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Mehdi Mohaddes

Mehdi Mohaddes (painter Artist) was born in 1980, Mashhad, Iran. He Graduated  in Painting from Art University , Tehran, Iran. Group Exhibitions:Participation in more than 25 group painting exhibitions in Mashhad and Tehran since 2008
1 year ago

Maryam Zeynaliyan

Maryam Zeynaliyan (painter Artist) was born in 1990, Mashhad, Iran. She Graduated in Economics from Payame Noor University. Solo exhibition:‘Bottle and Giorgio‘, Azarnoor Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran 2015 Group exhibitions:‘Winter 2016‘, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2015‘Edition‘, Azarnoor Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015‘Daze on the Painting form‘ Workshop, Digari Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015‘Imagination of the […]
1 year ago

Iman Sadeghi

“From the age of fifteen, I started studying drawing and painting under the supervision of the professors of the Mashhad Visual Arts Association, then I went to the Conservatory and studied in the field of graphics, after completing my undergraduate degree in graphics, I continued my postgraduate education in animation. , But after making a […]
1 year ago

Fateme Montazeri

Fateme Montazeri (Painter) was born in 1980, Mashhad, Iran. Graduated with honors in Painting from University of Culture and Arts, Iran. Solo Exhibitions: Rezvan Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2008Parseh Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2011Private Gallery of Professor Kadkhodaie, Mashhad, Iran, 2012
Bahareh Entezari Heravi (Painter) was born in 1979, Mashhad, Iran. Graduated with honors in Painting from Ferdows Institute,Mashhad, Iran.
1 year ago

Ziba Ezazi Pour

Ziba Ezazi Pour (Industrial designer & Urban Artist) was born in 1988, Mashhad, Iran. She Graduated with honor in Industrial Design from Azad University, Iran.
1 year ago

Majid Shirmohammadi

Majid Shirmohammadi was born in 1962 in Torbat-e Jam, Iran. He graduated from High School of Sketching in Fashion and Texture (textile) under the supervision of Brighton professors. His meeting with Hossein Maher in his youth had a great effect on him, leading him towards painting. He has had an individual exhibition with a number […]
1 year ago

Mahmoud Azadnia

Mahmood Azadnia (Painter & Cartoonist) was born in 1986, Mashhad, Iran. He began his artistic experience since 2000 as a Painter & Illustrator. Solo Exhibitions: 2018 “Human Nature”, Sales Gallery, Tehran, Iran2013 Caricature exhibition, Sweden2013 Artin Gallery, Mashhad, Iran2012 Eshragh Gallery, Mashhad, Iran2011 Caricature Solo exhibition, Malaysia2011 Iranian House of Cartoon Gallery, Tehran, Iran2010 Painting exhibition, Pakistan
2 years ago

Azin Zolfaghari

About: Azin Zolfaghari (painter & graphic Designer) was born in 1982, Neyshabour, Iran. She Graduated with honors in Painting from Tehran Art University, Iran. Group Exhibitions: Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018Saless Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018Radin Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2018Display two artworks in the digital section of the Diane Museum of San Francisco, USA, 2016Shirin […]